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A World of Flavors Our menus

Hot & Cold Our Starters

70 DH
Seafood, pigeon almond
Seafood, pigeon almond
Mixte de 6 pièces
Shurmp, cucumber, advocate, tomato, mais, palm heart and cheeses
Lettuce, green, pepper, green bean, tomato, tuna, onion, black oliver and vinaigrette dressing
Salaman, tomatos, advocate,leman juis and olive oil
Crouton, egg, caesar sauce

Our Main course Course

Pistil de safran et beurre rance
Roasted lamb
120 DH
Perssillade dress juice with herbs and puree potatoes.
With broccoli and white sauce.
Cream mushrooms, meun dridge potatoes and spring bouquet
Stove butter cream, risotto with tomatos.
100 DH
Couscous lamb with seven vegetables, your choice, lamb, beef or chicken

Our Dessert

70 DH
Pastilla almonds paste 'with chantilly'

Our drinks

18 DH
Cocktail without alcohol: Virgin mojito, Virgin cosmopolitain
Water 1/2
18 DH
Orange juice
20 DH